Get to know the fine foods made in Mrs. Marshall’s kitchen.

Just like grandma (or grandpa) used to make, the Mrs. Marshall’s line of deli salads are favorites here in Richmond. These days, you can find Mrs. Marshall’s foods in select Kroger stores, select Food Lion stores, RVA Publix and Wegmans locations, and  Libbie Market. To find availability in your neck of the woods, visit our Store Locator.


Mrs. Marshall’s Chicken Salad

With its unique blend of creamy mayo and seasonings, Mrs. Marshall’s chicken salad, made with tender roasted chicken, is perfect on a cold bed of lettuce or inside a fluffy White House Roll.

Mrs. Marshall’s Potato Salad

You instantly know it by that tang: A splash of apple cider vinegar mixed with the finest russet potatoes, homemade mayo, and chive garnish. A sandwich lunch or family picnic in the park is simply incomplete without Richmond’s favorite potato salad. (If you’re like our company founder, Bobby Ukrop, you might also enjoy it straight from the container.)

Mrs. Marshall’s Cole Slaw

From the family recipe vault comes Mrs. Marshall’s tangy Cole Slaw, tossing together fresh shredded cabbage and carrots in a light, zesty dressing. Whether as a side or on top of a BBQ sandwich, it’s simply a perfect Southern slaw.

Mrs. Marshall’s Garden Pasta Salad

Fresh vegetables, al dente shells and the perfect amount of dressing make for the perfect cold dish for summer picnics and cookouts with family and friends.

Mrs. Marshall’s Pimento Cheese

Sharp cheddar. Sweet pimento peppers. A dash of mayo. Great on crackers, as a topping for a sandwich – or just eat the entire thing!

Mrs. Marshall’s Seasoned Pulled Pork

A true Southern cook must have a coveted pulled pork recipe. Mrs. Marshall’s own shredded barbeque is a blend of Virginia sweet and Carolina spice, with just the right amount of kick. Be sure to top it off with Mrs. Marshall’s Cole Slaw.

Mrs. Marshall’s Tuna Salad

Our tuna salad is made with fresh tuna, tangy mayonnaise and a touch of celery – a classic recipe that is perfect on a White House Roll or a bed of fresh lettuce.